About me

My Photography career began in high school and college with film cameras and dark room skills. My major started out as Fashion Photography but I changed it to Graphic Design.

I started my Digital Photography career in late 1998 when consumer digital cameras were really just hitting the scene. My 1st one was a Polaroid PDC 3000, at the time the highest resolution camera at 2MP. It was an awesome 1st digital camera.

I have photographed for my own 2 sites in the late 90’s early 2000’s; GirlswithGlasses.com and TwistedLens.com. I have also worked with Spectacle Eyeworks, OGI Eyewear, City Optix, and have had my work featured on ABC-online, Maxim Magazine (online) and San Francisco Magazine.

My photography has evolved into Fashion, portrait, urban and gothic and now venturing into Product photography, Food and Still life as well as Pet Portraits.

I changed the name to EyeSnap Photography in 2004.  The past few years I have upgraded equipment and have been shooting on weekends.  Send me a message if you’d like to work with me.